Concrete Sidewalks

Concrete sidewalks and walkways can offer pedestrians a secure path to follow for several decades. Nevertheless, the basic key to a durable concrete sidewalk is based on the initial concrete construction. When the technician utilizes poor materials during construction, fails to follow appropriate construction methods or designs, and installs the sidewalk incorrectly, the pavement can crack or sink over time. Additionally, keeping your concrete walkway or sideway level and intact preserves the appearance of your business or home and protects it from injuries and falls. If you are considering repairing uneven or sunken, cracked, Gainesville Concrete Company is the best option for you.

concrete sidewalk

Concrete sidewalk repair

Concrete is among the most long-lasting construction materials available. However, concrete walkways or pavements can deteriorate over a few years. Poor water drainage, constant freeze-thaw cycles, and ground movement exposure to elements all can lead to the cracking or sinking of a concrete sidewalk.

If you are dealing with a spoilt pavement and are ready to repair it but you are not sure whether you ought to replace or repair it, consider a number of points to assist you in making a well-versed decision according to the level of your damage.

Uneven pavement fixing

Pavements can get spoilt for numerous reasons. However, the primary reason for uneven or sunken concrete walkways is water. Whether it is water running under the slabs or under the walkway from a downspout and thawing and freezing, making the concrete heave, a technician from Gainesville Company will always recommend several methods to stop your walkways and sidewalks from sinking in the years to come during an evaluation- making sure that you will have a safe and beautiful concrete in future.

Gainesville concrete sidewalk crack fixing

Sidewalk cracking is another common issue facing sidewalks. The cracks come in various sizes and shapes, where some of them are just eyesores and other safety hazards. Most sidewalk cracks can be repaired without necessarily replacing the concrete slab, either through leveling, caulking, or leveling.

    Concrete sidewalk leveling: in some instances, a sidewalk crack might be causing part of the slab to be uneven. And this is where leveling comes in to pump under the bottom part of the slab, raising it up to be at level with the other part hence closing the sidewalk crack in the process. With over thirty years of experience in the concrete construction industry, our team can construct a durable and heavy concrete slab that will help you eliminate hazards while avoiding an expensive, long, and grueling replacement project.

  Sidewalk caulking and sealing: appropriately caulking and sealing the cracks in your walkway incredibly minimizes water’s capacity to penetrate to the surface of the concrete, which in turn drastically improves the lifespan and beauty of your concrete walkways and sideways. This procedure begins with pressure cleaning the concrete surface to raise and eliminate surface stains and contaminants before smearing a sealant. Consequently, the concrete cracks are caulked using durable caulking to protect water from penetrating beneath and within the concrete slab. This helps lessen the effect of the thaw/ freeze procedure and, alongside sealing, is a critical step in maintaining the integrity of your concrete sidewalk.

Concrete sidewalk costs for repair

 Sidewalk repair costs involve less time, materials, and repair compared to a replacement. When you choose to replace the entire sidewalk, it means that you need to hire a team to remove it, reset a concrete foundation, and pour the concrete. At Gainesville Concrete Company, we offer our sidewalk installation and repair prices at very affordable prices that fit your budget constraints.

Uneven sidewalk concretes feature one of the greatest concrete hazards for both aesthetic and safety reasons. Luckily, with Gainesville Concrete Company, your sidewalk problems can be solved in just a day. We offer a high-quality and efficient sidewalk fixing process that, in most cases, can be utilized instantly after the repair. Call us on (352) 306-0888 to schedule a date for your sidewalk installation or repair.