Concrete Staining

At Gainesville Concrete and Masonry Company, we provide concrete staining services for industrial and commercial industries. We can provide concrete application services immediately after the grinding and polishing have been done to the floors in order to create embellishments and introduce an impressive appearance to any concrete floor. We have various kinds of concrete stains available at our stores to provide a range of diverse finishes, and our technicians can use a combination of different stains to bring an attractive appearance to your floor. The use of concrete stains on the polished floors will offer your floors the appearance of marble or stone at a portion of the price.

concrete staining

Importance of concrete stain application

Generally, we can smear our concrete stains to old or new concrete floors following our concrete polishing and concrete grinding services. The stain product smearing process will provide your floors with an aesthetically appealing and professional look. Due to the numerous benefits that concrete staining and polishing provide, they have become a famous flooring solution for several situations. The benefits of concrete stain application to concrete floors include:

Impressive finish-concrete stain products change an ordinary slab into an aesthetically luxurious appealing floor surface that appears like expensive options such as glazed stone or marble.

  •     Cost-effectiveness- the process of concrete staining offers a very affordable flooring solution, particularly for large floors, including in huge commercial buildings or industrial plants.
  •     Low maintenance- concrete stain application creates an even floor surface that is easy to wash and needs less upkeep and maintenance costs apart from occasional cleaning using a damp mop. Since the concrete slabs never trap allergens, mold, and dust, the application of concrete stain products can enhance the quality of indoor air in an industrial or commercial building.
  •     Durability: the concrete stain products are long-lasting since they will not peel, fade, or chip. This concrete flooring can be coated by the use of a urethane or epoxy coating to preserve the concrete finish further.

Uses of concrete stain products

Concrete stain products application is a long-term and attractive process often done on a hard-wearing floor in commercial and industrial applications. The process of flooring is remarkably long-lasting and can change any type of plain flooring into low maintenance and attractive surface. The stain products are available in a range of patterns and color alternatives to meet all tastes and styles.

Here is a list of some of the common uses and applications for our stain products

  •     Factory flooring
  •     Showroom flooring
  •     University and school flooring
  •     Warehouse flooring
  •     Outdoor spaces such as patios and pool decks
  •     Laboratory flooring
  •     Distribution plant flooring
  •     Aircraft hangar flooring
  •     Commercial restaurant and kitchen flooring
  •     Mall, shopping center, and retail store flooring
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Gainesville concrete staining services

In case you are in need of concrete stain application to your flooring, feel free to call us to get more information about the significance of the staining solution. At Gainesville Concrete company, we have expert technicians who can assist you in the process of understanding your flooring alternatives and can also you help you determine the best concrete stain product for your surface.

Our experts have the necessary knowledge and expertise in the process of concrete application. This process starts with preparing and cleaning the concrete slab utilizing special washing agents and shot blasting as well as concrete grinding when required. Then, metallic salts, and acid mixture, and other products are applied to the concrete surface. This leads to a chemical reaction that greatly modifies the concrete’s composition and color. Our experts can utilize a mixture of several stain materials to bring your desired appearance and pattern.

For more information about the benefits of the concrete stain application process, contact us on (352) 306-0888.