Concrete Steps

Rough concrete steps can be unappealing to the eyes and might pose a danger to your neighbors, friends, and family. Concrete leveling is an effective alternative to the disruptive and expensive process of eliminating existing uneven concrete steps and re-installing new ones. Concrete steps leveling and repair do not have to stress you. With assistance from our Gainesville Concrete Company, you can conveniently and quickly repair the uneven concrete steps. We provide concrete services to business owners and homeowners throughout the Florida area. Contact us today for free assessing and a budget estimate.

concrete steps

Gainesville concrete step leveling and repair

At Gainesville, our team can remove and renovate your uneven concrete steps, utilizing our patented leveling and renovation process. Whichever the level of your damage, we can provide an ideal solution to resolve your specific issue. We have perfect concrete repair techniques that are cost-effective to enhance the value and appearance of your home. Our technicians have the necessary knowledge and expertise to do the concrete step leveling and repair project from the primary stages all the way to completion. Let us take a look at the process so that you will be sure what to anticipate and have sureness in our techniques.

The process of concrete steps repair and leveling

 The concrete leveling process can sometimes be quite different from how other concrete slabs are leveled. Based on the construction of an individual step and the stairs to be eliminated, we might either pump directly via the top of a concrete slab and the nearby walkways or implement other techniques to the step lifting. These techniques may include a system of levers and jacks to make sure it is in place, succeeded by pumping the stone grout slurry underground to introduce a sturdy foundation. This guarantees a long-lasting concrete step repair. Whichever technique is needed for your home, you can be assured that our team will provide an ideal solution and get the project completed within the budget and time constraints.

How concrete leveling and repair work

The Gainesville concrete leveling and repair process sometimes referred to as mud-jacking, offers us the opportunity to restore uneven steps back to their initial level position without incurring the expense of re-pouring new concrete. Our technicians will fill all voids underneath your slab with a concrete product known as grout slurry mix, which will lift the steps in place, and at their simplest form. The process is effective and safe for most applications and, in most instances, can be finished in just a few hours rather than days for the installation of new concrete.

The three-step process

  1.   One-inch diameter holes are drilled via the sunken concrete slab at strategic positions.
  2.   A highly dense limestone mixture, finely crushed, is mixed with water in the consistency of slurry then pumped to the small holes. Once the voids caused by either soil compaction or erosion have been filled, the concrete slab will be eventually lifted. As the limestone aggregation begins to flow underneath the concrete block, it applies an even force across the whole block and may easily lift the concrete steps. With the deliberate placement of the small holes and the regulation of the quantity of material introduced to them, the slab will be strategically lifted into its original position.
  3.   This is the final step where the one-inch diameter holes are packed with a non-shrinking grout material leaving the concrete block looking almost new.

With over twenty-five years of experience in the concrete construction field, you can trust our technicians to help you repair your concrete steps and return the aesthetic look and value of your home or company. If you have uneven concrete steps that need repair, call us today for a free quotation for concrete steps leveling and repair.