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Season to Check Concretes

Season to Check Concretes

Summer is a fun time for enjoying your outdoor patio. Yet it’s also a blast to ensure it remains in good shape. When the snow and also cold are gone, it’s great to look it over for any type of problems. From there you can establish it up for warm-weather pleasure. Stamped concrete is also much easier to care for in summer season than in winter, but let’s consider a few ideas that can aid you make certain it stays that way!


When winter months is done, watch for is any type of fracturing that shows up in your cement. Do not misunderstand; fracturing can occur any time, not just over winter season. As Connie, our maintenance specialist at Patterned Concrete, claims, “extreme warm changes can be worse in areas where there is no freeze-thaw cycle.”

Nonetheless, spring and summer season are a great time to search for any concerns that have developed over the past year. In the fall and also wintertime, you have to take care of leaves and also snow, making concerns harder to identify. Once those are gone, however, you can see any hairline splits that may have created.

Careful design of the surface area helps get rid of or regulate most fractures. Hairline splits cdan still appear, though. However, they might just show up after it rainfalls given that they tend to dry much more gradually than the surrounding area.

If you notice that a split has actually moved or ended up being broader, after that there could be much more serious issues. If you’re fretted about what you see, send out a picture of it to our maintenance division. 

Springtime and also early summertime are additionally good times to reseal your patio area or driveway. This need to normally take place every 3 years.

You require cozy– but not hot– weather condition to use sealer successfully. You also require to apply it to dry concrete. Make certain the surface is already dry and that you have a number of clear days in the forecast. This will certainly allow the sealer completely dry thoroughly before the rain strikes it again.

There are 2 concerns that commonly occur if the sealer isn’t effectively used.
If bubbles show up, the layer is likely as well thick. The weather condition can also be too hot. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, including the temperature recommendations. Gurgling can additionally occur if the concrete is revealed to route sunlight, so attempt to pick “off times” when the sun isn’t oppressing hard.

If you experience peeling off, flaking, or a white or cloudy appearance, it’s likely because the concrete was wet when the sealer was used. The sealer requires to stick directly to the concrete, but a layer of water has actually blocked it.

Over time sealer diminishes. But if it is laid also heavily and afterwards a next layer is laid on top of it, dampness can be caught in between the layers, making the surface look milky or white.

Concrete is tough— very challenging. However keep in mind that it can still be cracked or harmed. Do your finest to protect it by maintaining sharp tools off the surface. While you might need to ride your lawnmower throughout your driveway, check that the blade is high sufficient so it won’t scratch the concrete’s edges.

Shovels, rakes, and so forth can additionally mistakenly scratch the sealer and also the surface itself. Take care not to drop or drag them on concrete. It’s best to stay clear of laying them externally, too, due to the fact that they could be kicked or moved as well as their blades might do unanticipated damages.


When you have actually made the financial investment in stamped concrete, you wish to have the ability to enjoy it whenever the weather permits. The early part of summer season is fantastic for making certain it’s in terrific form. At the start of the season, examine the patio for any kind of issues, have it secured if required, and clean it up. Include some color and a comfortable chair and you’ll be well on yoru way to optimizing your summertime pleasure!

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